Picture this: Your driving your mountain-bike through the countryside and all of a sudden you you see this caribbean beauty showing off his dick at an irrigation canal at a banana plantation. Wouldn´t you jump off your bike and join him?

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Roughly 20 years ago I went on an amazing safari to East Africa. One of our drivers looked alot like this african macho. It being such along time ago I don't recall the drivers name so for today I will call him Thunder . Every day Thunder took us to beautiful places with an incredible abundance of wildlife.

Thunder being extremly handsome I couldn't take my eyes of him. Every now and then he would catch me starring at him and he would smile and start to giggle. One evening about a week or so into the trip all the safari group and the drivers were having a couple of beers. Instantly I noticed that Thunder was missing so I snuck off to look for him.

He was listening to music in the van. Thunder was a very handsome, but as it seemed also very shy man. I new I had to take matter into my own hands if I wanted something to happen and I did. We started to talk and I asked him if there was no wildlife at night. He told me that the night before a leopard had been sighted and if I wanted we could go have a look if it had returned to the same spot this evening.



We left immediately. During the ride I asked Thunder why he always giggled when I looked at him. He started to laugh and said:" You look at me like a lion at its prey!" We both burst out in laughter. Then after a while I said I did indeed look at him as my prey. He laughed again and just said: The night will show who is prey and who is predator!"

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Meet Schann! He is one sexy young hottie from Miami and is featured in the 2008 Summer Issue of Flavamen Magazine.

He is the type of home boy you would find drippin with sweat on some suburbian basketball court. Schann is just as I like my men, muscular tight body, some facial hair (but not too much), and of course a big dick!

During the photoshoot Schann develops quite an impressive hardon.

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